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GorJapanToy.jpg (55440 Byte) GorJapanToy2.jpg (53273 Byte) GorJapanToy3.jpg (53276 Byte)

This cat nip toy Gordi received from his Japanese friend Rika from Yokohama.

And the pictures tell, the he is excited. Thank you so much Rika!
(For those, who don't Gordi, he's my Siberian Cat!)

And here is his Japanese friend Rika, who is owned by Chico, a Norwegian Cat, and
Iku, who is an Egyptian Mau.


RikasChiko.jpg (20771 Byte) Rika.jpg (30811 Byte) IkuRika.jpg (32668 Byte)
Chico, a Norwegian Cat Beauty. Rika and Chico, 
two beauties!!
Iku, The Egyptian!

Gordi also has an other good Japanese friend, Mimi, who is a breeder of Siberian Cats.
She also has some other cats. A visit of Mimi's web site is a must:


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Updated on 30-04-02  


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